Hearing new music from your favorite band is a religious experience

But when Tatiana does get recognized incorrectly, as one of her many characters, she has a plan. “The next time I get recognized, I can say, ‘I’m not Tatiana Maslany, I’m a clone’ — just to blow some minds.”

Maisie Williams for Modds Magazine (April 2014)

I give myself very good advice, but I very seldom follow it.


Interviewer: This film is much different than the first one and Chris Evans is the only other “constant” so to speak – is it important that you guys are the holdovers -

Sebastian Stan: It’s like no time’s gone by. It’s really neat. We just see each other when we go, ‘Round two. Here we go.’ And then we’re back to where we were.

Holland Roden attends the 5th Annual ELLE Women in Music Celebration on April 22, 2014.